New Virginia Edition

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Crab Decks & Tiki Bars of the Chesapeake Bay, Second Virginia Edition. The latest edition in the series of popular travel guides is designed for everyone with a thirst for adventure.


• Use the book to discover hidden gems and eat just-caught seafood on every neck of the Bay from Norfolk’s bustling harbor to the scenic Eastern Shore, the historic port of Yorktown and carefree Colonial Beach.

• Find something for every budget and mood, with waterfront destinations ranging from casual crab shacks to white linen fine dining.

• With this book in hand, you can pick crabs at the water’s edge, sip rum drinks that make you feel like Polynesian royalty, and peel a mountain of shrimp in a converted oyster shucking house.

For more about Crab Decks & Tiki Bars of the Chesapeake Bay, Second Virginia Edition, e-mail or call Susan Wade at (202) 531-7135.

Fact Sheet


Content: Reviews of 100+ authentic waterfront seafood restaurants, crab houses and tiki lounges on the Chesapeake Bay or its tributary rivers and creeks

7 Regions: Potomac River, Rappahannock River, York River and Hampton, James River, Elizabeth River, Southside of Hampton Roads, and Eastern Shore

Indexes: Bodies of Water, Cities, and Restaurant Name
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 6” X 9”
Page Count: 264
Edition: Second
ISBN: 978-1-9737-2780-4

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Here’s what people are saying about the book …

“The definitive retail guide for our favorite crustacean has arrived…Armed with Crab Decks & Tiki Bars, anyone exploring the Chesapeake is likely to emerge as sure-footed as Indiana Jones – with a crab bib.”

Coastal Style Magazine

“I have crabs on my brain after talking to Bill Wade.” – John Kelly, The Washington Post

“Clearly a labor of love.” – Bay Weekly

“Looking for a place to dock the boat and pick some crabs? Crab Decks & Tiki Bars of the Chesapeake Bay is the ultimate guide to Maryland’s seafood restaurants, crab shacks, and tiki bars.” – Baltimore’s Urbanite Magazine

New Oyster Guide Launched!

COLH-CoverFinalRight around the time of year when oysters get nice and plump for winter, a new book called Chesapeake Oyster Lovers’ Handbook was released.

Written by the authors of Crab Decks & Tiki Bars of the Chesapeake Bay, this new book is the indispensible guide to everything oyster on the Bay. Fans of fresh local bivalves can journey through Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, to sample the subtle flavors of the Chesapeake’s cherished seafood.


OysterGuideBarsCustomize Your Oyster Crawl

Imagine bellying up to a bar where dedicated shuckers pry open shells and gently place a dozen shimmering oysters on a silver tray laden with ice. You tip back your head, take a slurp, and relish the briny taste of the sea.

Chesapeake Oyster Lovers’ Handbook takes you there. Whether you enjoy a cold beer at buck-a-shuck happy hours or prefer champagne at more formal white-linen restaurants, this guide presents oyster houses that match every mood and budget. Bay destinations include Baltimore, Annapolis, Washington, Virginia Beach, Old Town Alexandria, Norfolk, Cambridge, Easton, and the Eastern Shore.


Know the Brands & Aquafarms

OysterGuideFarmsIf you’ve ever scanned a restaurant menu or daily specials board and wondered which oysters will suit your taste, Chesapeake Oyster Lovers’ Handbook can help you order like a pro. This guide identifies Chesapeake oyster aquafarms and their brands, tells where they’re grown on the Bay, and describes their unique flavors.



OysterGuidePearlPearls of Wisdom

Whether you’re a connoisseur or an eager novice in the world of Bay oysters, you’re certain to enjoy hearing from local experts in the Chesapeake oyster industry.

Chesapeake Oyster Lovers’ Handbook presents interviews with leaders in the field, including restaurant chefs, aquafarmers, musicians, master shuckers and more. They tackle topics such as what makes a good oyster bar, what you should drink with oysters, how Chesapeake culture is influenced by oysters, and why one species has so many flavors.


To learn more about Chesapeake Oyster Lovers’ Handbook or
pre-order your copy, please contact Susan and Bill Wade at